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10th International Conference on Multiphase Flow


Thomas Schmid plant folgenden Vortrag "Flow of Highly Networked Cellulose Fibers Near a Slot in a Mini-Channel" auf der ICMF Conference vom 19. bis 24. Mai in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien



TAPPI PaperCon 2019


Daniel Mandlez präsentiert "Primary fines and their positive influence on specific refining energy with regard to strength development for softwood kraft pulp" auf der PaperCon 2019 vom 5. bis 8. Mai in Indianapolis, USA

Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten und weiterführende Studiengänge:



- Master degree: Within the European Project BioenergyTrain a degree programme for Biorefinery engineering is implemented at Graz University of Technology.

Find more details regarding the Master programm here


-Doctoral school: BOKU - University of Life Sciences and Natural Substances starts a doctoral school for biorefinery. Details will be published here and at the BOKU website a.s.a.p.



-Master degree: Material and Energetic Utilization of renewable substances. A degree programme of BOKU - University of Life Sciences and Natural Substances in cooperation with Technical University of Munich. Find more details here (german only).


- Master degree: Pulp and Paper Engineering at Graz University of Technology is also a basic education in biorefinery processes of a pulp mill. Find more details here.


- Bachelor & Master degree: Wood Technology & Management at BOKU University of life sciences and natural substances. This degree programme gives an insight into processing of biorefinery products in engineered materials. Find more details here (german only).


- Bachelor & Master degree: Chemical & Process Engineering at Graz University of Technology is a basic and advanced degree programme for processing of renewable substances (and others). Fine more details here.


- Master degree: Industrial Ecology at University of Graz is a Erasmus degree programme of seven international universities combining imputs from social, technical and natural sciences. Find more details here.




- Vom 25-28 Februar 2019 haben Studierende die Möglichkeit am BioEnergyTrain Student Camp 2019 teilzunehmen. Es findet unter dem Motto “Biorefineries and Biobased Industrial Products”  in Linz statt.



- Die alljährliche Paper & Biorefinery Conference am 5. und 6. Juni 2019 in Graz statt. Dieses Jahr steht sie unter dem Motto "Towards Circular Bioeconomy"


Hier finden Sie Informationen zum Call for papers  sowie zum Heinzel-Mondi-Sappi Award.