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Antje Potthast, Stefan Böhmdorfer, Ivan Sumerskii and more colleagues of BOKU in Vienna presented their lignin related research results regarding analysis and modification at the ISWFPC conference in Japan 2019.


EWLP 2020

Ivan Sumerskii & Antje Potthast are going to present their  research results " Adding speed to lignin analysis" at the EWLP 2020 in Gothenburg.





The target of Flippr² is a rising efficiency in utilisation of the components of wood.

To achieve the goal of a higher yield of usable components of wood, Flippr² created two interconnected research areas about lignin and pulp. Platform projects support these areas with analytical Know-how and ecological and economic assessments of developed innovations.

At the research area lignin the existing lignin sources at the company partners shall get utilisable. A platform with experts in analytical issues work together with applied research projects on separation, modification (odor)  and application (foams,...) of lignin.

The same is prepared for the research topics of fibres and fines. An analytical platform prepares general knowledge and serve the application projects which work on fines fractionation and process development, modifcation and application of fines in new materials.



The annual Paper and Biorefinery conference in Graz is - because of COVID-19 - reschedulded to 28th - 29th of October in Graz.

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